Past sixty years of Calvary Baptist Church ministry many youngsters were developed in Godly manner.  Among them a few trusted to be ministers of God, and fulfilling various responsibilities in society.  Few became Church pioneers and constructed Church buildings.  The love, unity and services of Calvary Youth are commendable.  Many youngsters who attended Calvary Youth services regularly are now in good government services.  From the very beginning youth were cooperative to the leaders of the Church.  Youngsters are great backbone to the Church, country and to family.  Calvary Church recognized the importance of youth and started encouraging them in leadership activities.  The youngsters talents were recognized, constructive decisions were supported by the elders of the Church. 


            Currently, Calvary Youth are in the live light of every quiz, singing competitions conducted in and around vizag city.  Calvary Youth are recognized nationally and internationally.  At the movement, Rev. G. John Peter is appointed as Youth Pastor to lead the Youth.  The youth gathers evening Saturday at 6.00 p.m.  Various activities like Bible quiz, power point presentations, Essay writings, Missionary biographies were presented and conducted to encourage the youth.


            One Sunday in a month Youth are involved in Evangelism like distributing tracts on the busy streets.  Every year August 15th Calvary Baptist Church hosts Youth Retreat.  Large number of youth gathers from three districts to this Youth Retreat every year.  Renowned speakers were invited to speak to the Youth on this occasion.