About Us

It is with grateful acknowledgement we assent that all the early Baptist Christians belonged to the Andhra Baptist Church in Rudravari Street, of Visakhapatnam City. Needless to say that Rev. E. L. Quirk was like a pearl in the Lord's Ministry in those days of the thriving ministry of the Andhra Baptist Church. We cannot forget about the fore vision and the ability of executing power of Rev. E. L. Quirk the man of God, who had deep desire for the spread of the gospel.

It was Rev. E. L. Quirk who proposed to establish Baptist churches at different places in Visakhapatnam when there was only one Baptist Church(the mother church). The mother church did not agree with the idea of starting new churches. There were no transport facilities available in the city, except rickshaws, hand pulled rickshaws, Jatkas, bullock carts and cycles. It was a very difficult task for Christians to go to the Church from the four corners of the city. In those days Miss. Blackdar started a Sunday school at Allipuram main road near a flourmill. People who could not attend the worship service at the mother church owing to lack of transpirations and uncongenial timings of jobs, used to gather at this place and worship the Lord. Mr. Goli Sanganna as an evangelist was conducting prayer meetings. On 10-7-1947, the mother church, granted the permission to the members, for such prayer meetings/ worship services..

In the year 1948, the Baptist residents of Allipuram, Dondaparthi and the surrounding areas could not go to the mother church for worship service on a Sunday because of heavy down pour. That day at the behest of Sri. G. Peter, Seven members gathered at 2 PM at the house of Mr. A. G. Israel the then Headmaster of C.B.M. Elementary Girls School and they all realized the dire need of a church to be founded at Allipuram. On the very day seven people again gathered at the school at 6:00 p.m. and prayerfully started discussions about the establishment of the Church and they unanimously elected a temporary executive committee with Messrs 1. Goli Aseervadam 2. A. G. Israel, 3. d. Krupa Rao, 4. Pasala Samuel 5. Gompana Peter, 6. Therapalli A. Isaac.