Women’s Ministry

On every Saturday evening 4 p.m. all ladies gather for women’s prayer in the Church. Every month on first Saturday, they pray on various issues. On second Saturday Church Pastor shares message in their meeting. Third Saturday, Pastor’s wife is given change to share the message. Remaining Saturday’s women with rich spiritual experience are invited to share in women meetings.

On every third Saturday, most of the women visit hospitals and share Gospel to the leprosy and HIV, patients. They also visit old age homes, orphan homes and preach Gospel to them. Calvary Baptist Church women participate in every women’s conference happens in the city and had won many competitions namely Bible quiz, singing etc.,

Every year in Harvest Festival, every woman arranges various stalls and sell items and bring all offerings to the Church. Every year Calvary Baptist Church hosts women’s conference. Almost all women participate in every Gospel camp conducted by Calvary Baptist Church. Everyday door to door evangelism is done by women by sharing testimonies and distributing tracts.