Prayer Cells

Brief information about Prayer Cells

Prayer is the vital life breath in Christian life. The well being of a person or a church is determined by the time spent with God in prayer. The Bible encourages us to pray unceasingly (Luke 18:1) for every need (Phil 4:6); Problems (James 5:13) or even for special desires (Psalms 37:4) We are given the Great Commission to preach the good news to all (Matt 28:18-20, Mark 16:15) As Co-workers, with Christ (1 Cor 3:9) our prime responsibility is to pray to the God of Harvest (Matt 9:38) for more laborers for His field. The early church witnessed great out pouring of God’s power at the time of prayer. Some of these special occasional were; the prayer on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4), the prayer that shook the Lord (Acts. 4:31), the prayer of Stephen at his death (Acts. 7:59), the prayer of God fearing gentile Cornelius (Acts. 10:2-3); the earnest prayer of the Church (Acts. 12:5) and the prayer for the world evangelism (Acts 13:1-2) are few to mention here. The apostles were well disciplined for the time of prayer (Acts 3:1) and also dedicated to the ministry of prayer (Acts 6:4) No wonder the apostles and the early church were able to preach the gospel to the fartherest corners of the world. The baton of evangelism is now passed to us to proclaim Christ through the power of prayer.

Calvary Baptist Church with a congregation of over 3000 believers and 9 branch churches is one of the leading churches in Visakhapatnam city. We have 23 prayer cells located in various pockets / parts of the city. In this prayer cells believers gather together to pray and to testify God’s mercies and goodness and to hear God’s Word. These prayer cells are led by eminent lay leaders and pastors of Calvary Baptist Church. These prayers cells serve as God’s power centers. The believers testify God’s great miracles of healing, provisions and care. God healed people suffering with prolonged sicknesses and even incurable diseases. God provided jobs and financial blessings in business in answer to prayer for provision and sustenance. The believers are strengthened in their faith and edified in their spiritual life. While seeing and hearing God’s great miracles the unbelievers too are coming to the knowledge and salvation of God. During Christmas season open – air evangelism is conducted through these prayer cells in their respective places. Christmas message of God’s love is preached and Christmas gifts are distributed to the poor and widows. We hereby request you to continue to pray for these prayer cells ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. Amen!

Rev. Marthi Narayana Rao , Convener,S/o. Late Marthi Nooka Raju & Kanthamma of Yelamanchili. His did his B.A., & B.Th. Worked in Hindustan Shipyard and took VRS in 2006 to serve the lord full time. He served the Church in various capacities like President, Treasurer, Evangelical Convenor, etc. He is also associated with BFC, NA., CBCNC, BSI. He is married to T. Esther Kumari, D/o. Rev. Dr. T. A. Isaac one of the founder members of the Church. He is blessed with one son (Solomon Raju) and one daughter (Hannah Suneetha) and Three grand children.

Details of prayer cells
S.No. Place of Prayer cell House hold In-charge Prayer Cell In-charge
1 Calvary Parsonage Mrs. K.Kaala Manjula Mrs.P.Sumathi Prasad
2 Bheemnagar Mrs.Surangula Veeramma Mrs. G.Vijaya Rajyam
3 Nerellakoneru Mrs.Kumari Mr.K.P.Johnson
4 Mirapakayaladoddy Sri. Ben Elisha Rev. M. Narayana Rao
5 T. S. N. Colony Smt. T. Annamani Daniel(Thalari) Rev. P.V.Prasad
6 Bhupeshnagar Smt.G.Kathamma Mrs. P.Ruth
7 Rangireeju veedhi Smt. Dasari Nagamma Mrs. V.Kala
8 Venkateswarametta Smt. D.Punyavathi Smt.M.Esther Kumari
9 Kodipandala dibba Smt. Somulamma Smt. R. Pramila
10 Sanjeevayya Colony Sri. B. Chitti Babu Mr.G.Mathew Peter
11 Railway New Colony Sri.B.Prasada Rao Mr.T.Prabhu Jaya Kumar
12 Burma Camp Sri. T. Rajakumari Mr. D. Ramesh
13 Jagannadhapuram Mrs. T. Padma Mr.P.H.Sudhakar
14 Allipuram Mrs. B. Velangini Mr.Y.Mary Jones
15 Dondaparthy Mr.G.Ratna Kumar Mrs.D.Swarna Leela
16 Venkateswarametta Mr.B.Jagadeeswara Rao Mr.P.H.Sudhakar
17 Ammavari Veedhi Mrs.G.Usha Paul Mrs.S.Lilly Felix
18 N.G.G.O'S Colony Mr.Moses Gopal Rev.H.Prem Kumar
19 Maharani Peta Mr.Pasila Appa Rao Dr.U.Prasada Rao