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Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church

Dear Pastors, Office Bearers, and all members of Calvary Baptist Church,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ


   I am delighted to invite you all on behalf of Church into the year 2013. I thank God for His presence in the whole year 2012 and for enabling us to conduct all our Church programs successfully. I am not at all hesitating to say that in the year 2012 the Church has grown spiritually due to Church programs. I would like to remind you the words spoken by me on 1st January 2012 that spirituality and fear of God are essential to overcome problems and for receiving blessings.

Many astrology experts predicted that on 21-12-12 the World will come to an end. Today the 1st January 2013 it is proved beyond doubt that all those predictions are wrong. In Mathew 24:36. Jesus said that times and seasons are on the control of the Father. We should think more on the preparations for the end times rather than the time of end itself.

Here I want to say about the Second Coming of Lord Jesus. In His First Advent, Jesus came with humility and in the likeness of slave whereas in His Second Coming He will come as King of kings and Lord of lords with Glory. In His First Advent Lord Jesus came to this world to die on the Cross as atonement for the sins of the whole World. But in His Second Advent He will come to Judge the World. There were many prophecies about His First coming but people were not in any way effected / influenced by it. Likewise there are many prophecies about Jesus Second coming in the Holy Bible. Unlike the people living at His First Coming let us all be prepared and watchful toward His Second Coming. Let us be aware and cautious, lest the filth and rubbish of the world attract us. Superstitions, traditions, rituals etc are the filth of the world. These are inspired by the anti Christ (1 Tim. 4:1) and unscriptural (2Thess. 2:9-10). They appear to be attractive beneficial and intellectual but their result is destruction and hell.

The Church has scheduled many programs such as Revival Meetings, Seminars, and Retreats etc in this year 2013. This year a new calendar is prepared in which all the scheduled programs of the Church are highlighted according to their dates. The Church is requested to prayerfully participate in all these Church programs and receive God’s blessings. We are planning to start new Branch Churches, Bible College, Hindi Service etc in the year 2013. Also we want to conduct free Medical camps and develop our old age home at Eruwada. We need your sincere prayers. If you know any widow or aged person who needs shelter and care bring them or inform Church administration. Women’s Fellowship, Youth wing and Sunday school wings of our Church needs your prayer support. Please pray for our daily, monthly and yearly Evangelical programs, so that we continue without any hindrances. Let me tell you that whatever we plan and execute, it is only to fulfil our goal that is “We preach the Christ Crucified” and to strengthen the congregation spiritually. Visit our Church website www.cbchurchvizag.com and introduce it to your friends and relatives staying away from home.

Finally I encourage you to kindly buy and read the Book “My Utmost for His Highest” from our Church book stall, which is available both in English and Telugu at reduced price. This will surely enable you to grow spiritually in this year 2013. On behalf of my family, Pastors, Executive Council and auxiliaries I wish you God centered and prosperous New Year of 2013.

                       May God Bless you all abundantly.

Yours in His service
(Calvary Seva Ratna Rev. P. V. PRASAD)
President, Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church
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