Church Administration

Since establishment of the Calvary Baptist Church i.e. since 1948, we have been following the example of the early church by Electing 7 Deacons to form the Deacons Board which is the main governing body. Ever since we have been continuing the pattern of having Deacon Board with 7 members. The Seven members comprise of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Jt. Treasurer and Deacon. The church administration includes all administrative, spiritual, financial matters etc. which are looked after by the Board. The term of any member in the board is for two years which can be extended for one more term, (total four years) but not more than two terms. Invariably one has to retire after four years. However, with a break of two years the same person could enter the board through election. For every term 50% of members on the board change. The existing Deacons board nominate the successors. However, fresh nominations also used to be called from the congregation. If there were more than one aspirants election would be conducted in the General Body. In addition to the board there would be 1 Superintendent each for Sunday school, Youth and Women, to oversee the matters connected to the three wings. As our thrust is on Evangelism we have constituted a separate committee called Evangelical committee, comprising 7 members. Every month the church transfers a good amount (Rs.10, 000) to the committee who have a separate Bank account, which is operated independently by them. This committee plans and executes the Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly outreach programmes. A full time Missionary/ Pastor is appointed to associate with the committee and with their activities. The Church has a separate office, Conference hall, furnished with office gadgets like computers and other allied things. We have two paid Secretaries in the office and have another 6 persons to assist the office and the church works. By virtue of having a self sufficient office, we extend our administrative support to various organizations like Bible society of India, Baptist Field Council, City Sunday School Union, Indian Evangelical Mission, Viswavani, Feba etc., We extend our help to those who wish to hold large scale meetings, seminars, workshops in and around the city. The administrative matters of our branch churches situated at various places in and around our district are taken care of by the church board.

In terms of Resolution No 5 (1)of the General Body which was held on 13.5.1969 had resolved and minutized that “ Resolved that all matters relating to the church shall be administered by the Deacon Board on behalf of the church”. By this landmark decision the entire powers of administration were vested in the Deacon Board. The same resolution was reiterated in further subsequent General Body meetings right upto 1975. Consequent to the vesting of such powers in the Deacon Board, The Deacon Board in turn vide Resolution No.12 dt.20.04.2010 had appointed a three man committee comprising 1. Rev.P.V.Prasad. 2. Mr.D.Krupadan kumar and 3. Mr..G.Mathew Peter to study the possibility for the formation of a TRUST to safeguard the church and its properties in the light of the various unpleasant developments in various churches and organizations. The scope of the committee was as follows:

a) The three man committee would study at length all previous records and documents and endeavour to bring a paradigm shift in the way that the church and its units are being run.

b) To find ways and means to safeguard and put to maximum utilization all the properties of the church.

 c) To take up activities of charity and social responsibility both to the church and to the community at large.

 d) To suggest and bring in new ideas in the manner as to how bigger churches were being run both in the country and abroad.

The three member committee took up the arduous task with all sincerity and pondering over all previous records and history of the church had submitted a detailed report to the Deacon Board which was accepted in toto vide Resolution No.13. Dated.23.4.2012 Further to the acceptance of the report by the Deacon Board which was also communicated to the General Body on 28.04.2012 vide minute No.7 the Calvary Baptist Church Charitable Trust came into being.tration

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