The Pastors Who Served Calvary

G. Sanganna He carried out his duties as a Pastor /Evangelist, till establishment of the Church. His wife Goli Gavarayyamma was a Bible Women of our Mission.

P. Premanandam (1948 – 1957) He was the first Pastor. He has rendered meritorious services during his tenure. He passed SSLC in the year 1961. He was a teacher initially and later in 1919 underwent Theological Training at Ramayapatnam. He worked as a Pastor in Gudlavalleru. He also worked as a teacher and Lecturer in Baptist Seminary, Kakinada for 10 years. He joined as Pastor in 1948 and continued till his home call.

Rev. Gompana. Peter (1958 – 1962) He was the first Secretary and also one of the responsible person in establishing this Church. This church had a privilege to ordain him and was responsible for his Theological Training at Ramayapatnam. Later he served as Pastor. He was passionate for evangelism.

Panga. Daniel (1962 – 1964) He was a teacher in Narasanna Peta village of Srikakulam district. He was a God fearing humble servant of God. He was zealous for evangelism. He worked along with Field Missionary Rev. Ponds. In the gap period he catered to the Pastoral needs of this Church. He was a prayerful man and a great servant of God. During his tenure the Church was blessed.

Dr. D. D. Mani (1964 – 1969) He is from a respectable Andhra Christian family settled at Bangalore. He studied M.A., B.L., and practiced as Lawyer in Madras High Court. While he was progressing in profession, he obeyed God’s call and dedicated his life for HIM. He is a great servant of God. He has implemented may spiritual systems in our church, ultimately that led to the progress and development of the Church both in spirit and truth. He earned his Doctorate in Philosophy. Calvary Baptist Church is deeply indebted to Dr. D.D. Mani who has given his valuable time, mind and prayer to the progress of this church. His services will remain in the golden letters of the church records.

Rev. B. Benjamin (1969 – 1976) He hails from Konmerla village of Krishna District. He was a trained teacher and served for 12 years as teacher. He did his theology in Kakinada Seminary and served in many churches in Krishna Association. He joined our church in the year 1969. He was very simple, but having high spirtual thinking. He was a good preacher in the CBCNC. While he was actively serving he was called to His glory.

Rev. G.S.J.P. Rao (1977 – 1980) He hails from Repalle, Guntur District. Initially he worked in Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board. He dedicated his life for God’s Ministry and undergone Theological Training. He worked as a Pastor in Christ Church, Visakhapatnam. Worked as Lecturer in HBI Madras. He was learned person and has done journalism at Singapore. He rendered wounderful service to the Church growth.

Rev. L. Prakasam (1980 – 1981) He was son of a Pastor, hailing from Akividu. He was a Pastor at Sompeta Christ church and was promoted as manager of Bible Society of India (V) Later by God’s grace and kind mercy he was chosen to be the Auxiliary Secretary of A.P. stationed at Secunderabad and was responsible in supplying Telugu and English Bibles to our state. We were delighted to see him in a high position serving the entire state. He worked as Hony. Pastor of this church. He was called to glory on 18-7-98

Rev. R.D. SAMSON (1981 – 1983) He did his Theological Training at HBI Madras and worked as Pastor in Tekkali Baptist Church. He worked very hard in the villages around Tekkali such as Naupada, Kotabommali etc. Due to his hard labour and sincerity, God has placed him as a Pastor in Calvary Baptist Church. During his services as a pastor in Calvary Baptist Church. He was dutiful/faithful..

Rev. T.A. ISAAC (1982 – 1983) He hails from Elamanchili of Visakha District. His father late T. Abraham was an employee in SE Rly. He was instrumental to get employment for many people in Railways. Mr. Isaac has served 37 years in SE Railways. While in active railway service he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus. He resigned job and underwent Theological Training B.Th. in ACTC Hydedrabad and worked for 10 years continuously as Pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church, Tuni. He was one of the founder members, and worked as an Associate Pastor of this Church.

Rev. Gompana . JOHN PETER (1983 -1988) He is the eldest son of Rev. G. Peter. After he left Navy he joined as internal student of Serampore College at Calcutta and did BD. He served in this church sincerely and worked for its development. For several years he took up, the responsibility of Leprosy church under the control of CBC at Thatichetlapalem. He is gifted with interpretation to telegu. He served as Pastor in U.E. Church BHPV and QMB Church. He has laudable qualities in the field of Evangelism and Church planting.

Rev. P. THEOPHILUS (1986 – 1989) He hails from kakinada, East Godavari District. He studied B.A. and did his B.D. from ACTC, Hyderabad. He served as pastor in Telugu Baptist Church, Kharagapur (West Bengal) and Telugu Baptist Church, Srikakulam. He joined as Pastor in Calvary Baptist church in the year 1986 and served till 1988. He was a good speaker and an exponent on the book of Revelation and was invited as guest speaker by many churches. During his time there was much improvement in the church.

Rev. D. JAYA RAJU (1989 – 1992) He hails from West Godavari. He did his B.Th in ACTC. He worked for 5 years at JSM Baptist church, Kasibugga. He rendered selfless and tireless service for the development of the church and during his time the church could build the RCC slab parsonage building and many Baptisms were given. Identifying his talents and works we have took him as Asst. Pastor.

Rev. Dr. K.Y. KRUPANANDAM (1990 – 1995) He hails from Anaparthi, E.G. Dist. He was highly educated having degrees M.A., B.D., B.Ed., D.D. to his credit. He served as a teacher in CBM High School, Visakhapatnam, for 14 years, On God’s call he came to Pastoral Ministry and served in QMB church, Baptist Church, Anakapalli, Scott Memorial Baptist Church, Elwinpet Baptist Church. In the year 1993 he joined CBC and served for couple of years. He was a gifted preacher good and orator in English..

Rev. G. ISAIAH (1995 – 2001) He hails from Bhujabalapatnam in Krishna District. He pursued Bachelor of divinity studies in ACTC, Hyderabad and served as pastor of Yesu Premalayam church, Ramachandra Puram in East Godavari District for seven years. He joined Calvary Baptist church in the year 1995 and served upto 2001. He is a gifted writer and has written Biography of Prof. M. Theophilus and number of historical articles.

Rev. M. joseph Prakash (2001 - 2006) Hails from Kurnool city. He is the youngest son of Late M.G. Prakash and late mrs. Eleanor Irene Prakash. He is M.A. B.D., M.Th.(OT). Done B.D. at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune and M.Th at Gurukul Chennai. He is married Rev. R. Priscilla Joseph M.A. B.D., M.Th. He is blessed with two daughters Rhema & Rohi. He worked in I.E.M. As Missionary and youth for Christ also. he is a member of Stantan memorial baptist Church, Kurnool.

Rev. Dr. K. David Victor (2006 – 2011) He hails from Chirala, Prakasam Dist. He is the youngest son of Kondeti Late KVJ Samuel and Chandra Leelavathi. He has accepted the call of God and dedicated his life for His ministry. He did his B.A., M.A., (Rel.), M.A., from A.U. He also did his B.D. and M.Div., He was married to Y. Betty Jasmine and having one son Joseph Victor. He had 28 years of Pastoral service in Baptist Mission.

Rev. K Samson Kumar (2011 -2014) He hails from Bhilai Nagar, Chattisgarh. An awardee of best student in academics in his Master of Divinity (1995-1998) and also in Master of theology in Missiology (1999 – 2001) from one of the most prestigious Bible Seminaries of India namely Hindustan Bible Institute, Chennai. He served as Bible Teacher in various Bible Seminaries namely Grace Bible College, Gurgoam Haryana, Hindustan Bible Institute, Chennai, COTR, Theological Seminary, Visakhapatnam. He served as Pastor in leading Churches in Chennai, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam. Since Aug 2011 he is serving as Pastor in Calvary Baptist Church, Allipuram, Visakhapatnam. He is married to Huldah and has a son Stephen Sahil

Pastor Varun Deepak (2010 -2017) He holds a Masters Degree in Religious & Philosophy (M.A.,) and also Master in Divinity (M.Div.). He was awarded Academic Excellence award for outstanding performance. He Lecturers in Bible Colleges and serves as Pastor for English Service of Calvary Baptist Church

Rev. D. J. PRAVEEN CHANDU (2001 -2019) He hails from Veeravaram village in East Godavari district, Andhrapradesh, He studied his B.D. from ACTC, Hyderabad. He served as Pastor for several years in Centenary Baptist church, Annavaram, E.G. Dist., Andhra Baptist Church, Pithapuram, E.G. Dist, Telugu Baptist Church, Kakinada, E.G. Dist,, Centenary Baptist Church, Samalkot, E.G.Dist. He joined our church as Pastor in the year 2001 and continuing (2012) Mrs Prasanthi Chandu is his wife and were blessed with two sons and one daughter.

Rev. Gathala John Peter (2011 Onwards) After graduation (B.A.) he did his Batchelor of Divinity (BD) from ACTC Hyderabad. His father was well known Baptist pastor Rev. G. Sobhanadri. He served as pastor in Baptist church, Kalingpatnam for 5 years and Madhurawada Baptist Church for two years. He joined Calvary Baptist Church, Allipuram, Visakhapatnam in Aug 2011 as Asst. Pastor. He is married to Mrs. Vijayarajyam and blessed with a son Suvarnaraju and a daughter Martha Jessy.

Rev. K. Vedamani (2017 Onwards)Rev. K. Vedamani has been appointed as a Pastor since 01-06-2017. He was born and brought up in Gurajala, Guntur District. He holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree from ACTC, Hyderabad. He has an experience of Pastoring Baptist Churches for the last 14 years. His wife is Mrs. K. Kamala Manjula and they are blessed with two children. Their daughter, Miss. K. Likhita has completed M.Sc and son, Mr. K. Raja Ratnam is currently pursuing B.Com.

Rev. H. Prem kumar (2019 Onwards)Rev. H. Prem Kumar was appointed on 01-06-2019 as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Visakhapatnam. He is the youngest son of Rev. Havaji David Raju and Mrs. Dayamani. He is a native of Nuzvidu, Krishna Dist. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees from C.O.T.R. Theological Seminary, Bhimili. He served as a Pastor / English Service Pastor at QMB Church for 8 years. His wife Mrs. H. Mable Susan also holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from C.O.T.R. T.S. and Master of Divinity from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. They are blessed with two sons. The eldest Master Reuel is in the 5th Standard,Younger is added to the family in August 2019.