Gospel Camps


“Go and preach the Gospel” was the last command by Jesus Christ before His ascension. The very preamble of Calvary Baptist Church is to preach the Gospel. Evangelism has become the breath of Calvary Baptist Church. The coming of Christ is at hand. Calvary Baptist Church has recognized the need of the hour and resolved to conduct Evangelical camps in every nuke and corner of the city and also interior villages. In this regard, every month Gospels camps are conducted by Evangelical committee. All men and women and even youngsters participate in the Evangelistic camps.

Through this outreach ministry Gospel has reached to many places. The efforts of Calvary Baptist Church was Blessed by God and many accepted Gospel and took Baptism Calvary Baptist Church exists with only single reason to preach the Good news of Jesus Christ until He return.  


Acts 2:47 – “The Lord added to the church daily” The whole world is in chaos, being under the control of Satan. Death, Despair, Discrimination, Differences, are mounting very high destroying men and women. The enemy is determined to destroy the whole mankind, if possible, as the man is made in the image of God. Satan is losing patience as his end is nearing, by hook or crook he wants to destroy the whole humanity. By reading the news papers, watching TV and by our general observation, it is construed that Satan is successful to some extent. People wilfully, voluntarily and happily go into the fold of Satan. The surprising thing is that even the children of God are becoming prey to the tricks, temptations of Satan. However we need to understand that God is still patient and loving so that not even one human perish. Of course the final victory is ours that is of Jesus. To carry gospel to the perishing souls especially to the downtrodden living in slums, the Daily Door to Door Evangelism wing was been started by the church by employing trained pastor and evangelists. Their main task is to meet the destitute, downtrodden, desperate and poor, people who are under the clutches of Satan and spear healing towards destruction, and to give them a patient having the good news that they still have hopes that they can accept Jesus Christ and come out of the clutches of Satan. This step would pave a way for them for better, health way of living, prosperity and to be a blessing to others. The daily reports of the team are heart touching. As a result if not daily but frequently baptisms are given. Praise the Lord. You can become part of this ministry by praying for the perishing souls who are visited and told about the Saviour.