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This week’s Message                             Pastor N. Varun Deepak





Greetings to you in the most irrefutable name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I believe, God is doing great work in your life.  We have been exploring the life of David for several Sundays.  Today we will focus on I Samuel 17:14-20.


The Context:

            David was asked by Jesse to visit his brothers in the war and as war given loaves, cheese, to take for his brothers.  The writer narrates carefully that, David handovered his sheep to the keeper before he began his journey.  David was so concerned and very responsible towards his flock that he did not handover the flock to the hireling.  This shows David’s faithfulness towards his sheep.  David knew the value of sheep because of that.  God raised him to the level of ruling the nation.  If you and I know the value of one sheep, then we will know the value of men who are created in the Image of God.


Faithfulness to the sheep: -

            Mother Theresa said, God had called me to be faithful not successful”.  Faithfulness is a virtue that takes you deeper, wider and higher than friendship.  David knew the value of the sheep so he did not leave then irresponsibly.  David risked his life to save the sheep from the mouth of lion and bear.  This shows, David possessed a character which Jesus had, that is willing to lay down his life for the safety of the sheep.  Now David handovered sheep to a keeper before he moved to meet his brothers.  David was a faithful Shepherd.


Faithfulness to the Parents: -

            Chapter 22 of I Samuel records David’s faithfulness to his parents.  David was being hunted by Saul.  David was running for his life from one cave to another David was living in continuous fear by frustration.  Though he was battling for his life he did not forget the devotion to his parents.  He took his parents and took them to the King of Moab requesting to provide a home for his parents.  This shows that David was faithful to his parents though his life was in crisis.


Lessons: -


1)      Don’t waste your time waiting and longing for large opportunities which may never come.  Be faithful to handle small things faithfully.

2)      God is interested in making us farmers but in making in faithful.

3)      Faithfulness and Sincerely leads to fruitfulness in an individuals life.



God Bless You.