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     At the outset, Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year on behalf of myself, my family and Pastors & Elders of Calvary Baptist Church.  God’s Grace has enabled us to finish 2013 Victoriously and Enter into 2014.

   I would like to put before you a thought.  On New Year day we long for promise cards.  We prefer to take promise cards personally and even for our family members.  We prefer and look for cards which promises Blessings.  Even the word of God states that “We are called to be a Blessing” (1 Peter 3:9). In fact, this promise was given in the context when God,  selected Israelite s through Abraham.  Nevertheless, Israelite s due to their deliberate disobedience had experienced sufferings & hardship.  As a matter of fact mostly “Blessings are Conditional”. Often as believers, we ignore the conditions and thrive only for Blessings.  For example, lets consider the following verses:

1) “All things will be granted unto you” (Mt 6:23), The condition is, “Seek first His     
     kingdom and righteousness”
2) “Ask what you need, it will be given” (Jn 10:7) The condition is, “we must abide in 
     His word & His word in us”.
3) “Whatever he does it prospers” (Ps 1:3) The condition is,  “One must meditate the 
      word of God day and night”.
4) “The Lord will Bless you” (Ps 128:5) The condition is,  “Live in fear of the Lord and walk according to His precepts”.

So every Blessing comes with a condition 

   On this New Year 2014, I prayerfully put before you a plea to make one promise to God personally and try to fulfill it.  King David before he occupied the throne, he made some personal promises to God. For example.
1. I will walk blameless (101:1)
2. I will walk in the Integrity of my heart (101:2)
3. I will do no evil (101:3)
4. I will hate Wickedness (101:4)

   We can see his personality as he made these promises to God.  David still remains to be a Landmark in the History of Israel.  When Jesus entered into human history he was willing to be called as son of David.

   With this, I exhort myself and you all to make at least one promise to God and strive to keep that promise throughout this year.  May God guide and govern your thoughts as you  make a prayerful promise to the Almighty.

With Love
In His service
(Rev. P.V. Prasad)